Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Three C's program

Allan Murray from Lighthouse Foundation Unity rang me today to organise the Three C's program
the program is aimed towards Indigenous youth - Challenges, Choices and consequences they
target the issues that we have in this community they are sports men /women there are two proposed dates
this is cross border
22 August - 11 years to 14 years at Mirrambeena Lavington
29 August - 15 years to 18 years at Mirrambeena Lavington

Can you help
we need to target all the kids even the ones no longer at school or suspended
We need some people such as police probation health education centrelink employment agencies to be available to maybe answer any questions
I will organise transport and BBQ
Brett is talking to the NSW schools
Rachael is talking at the Albury LAECG
Allan will be sending a flier through

If we can all do our bit this will provide in roads to supporting our youth


Liz Heta
Aboriginal Liaison
Community & Recreation
PO Box 323 Albury NSW 2640
T: (02) 6023 8752
F: (02) 6023 8398

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