Wednesday, March 21, 2007

HARMONY DAY - 21st march 2007

It was Great, Brendon Boney top 24 finalist of 2006 Idol is an Aboriginal man who gave a guest appearance and a motivational talk and a he sang. What an amazing voice from this young man, his CD will be out later this year, do yourself a favour and grab one.

My second youngest Daughter makes a start on the Harmony Day painting.
My son and Daughter enjoying themselves painting with Dad.

My youngest daughter even left her hand print.

All people from different cultures helped paint.

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Friday, March 16, 2007


YEAH, it was great fun, The kids got to

play on some video games and saw how their Granfather shore sheep.

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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Another commissioned work

I finished another commissioned work today, very nice painting.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Albury to celebrate Harmony Day

Soccer is the theme for the 2007 Harmony Day celebrations for Albury on Saturday 21 March.
The AlburyCity Soccer Club is involved in the day, which includes a soccer skills development clinic which will run in conjunction with the days other activities of Indigenous dance, face painting, free native bush tucker barbeque, an origami workshop and the painting of a community harmony banner.
“Harmony Day is about bringing people together to promote Australian values and to celebrate the Australian way of life,” said AlburyCity Aboriginal Liaison Officer Liz Heta.
Ms Heta said the Living in Harmony project aimed to embrace diversity and community connection using soccer as the medium for engaging youth and embracing community connection.
“It is a day to understand and commit to the benefits of living in a country that embraces common values of respect, fairness, participation, acceptance and a fair go for all,” she said.

The event will include an Australian Citizenship ceremony where six new Australian Citizens will be welcomed to our community.
Brendon Boney top 24 finalist of 2006 Idol is an Aboriginal man who will make a guest appearance and give a motivational talk and a performance.
Harmony Day is part of the Australian Government’s Department of Immigration and Citizenship Living in Harmony program, for which AlburyCity recently received $5,300 for its Harmony on the Fields event. Visit for details of Harmony Day events.
“Harmony on the Fields” on Wednesday 21 March from 4pm at Jelbart Park in Lavington.
Media Contact Liz Heta - AlburyCity
Aboriginal Liaison Officer
0260 238752 or 0417 256 235.

HARMONY DAY - 21st march 2007

I was asked by Liz Heta Albury City Council today to be the artist for Harmony Day. My job will be helping the children to do a painting that reflects Harmony. I hope that there is heaps of peoples there, It should be a great night, to have lots of fun.

Please come and meet me.
MORE INFORMATION will be published tonight.
These are two paintings that I painted a few years back. I've been very Busy with over sixty commissioned works, most are done still have another 18 to go. I will then start putting paintings on my web site again. @

Monday, March 12, 2007

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Friday, March 9, 2007



ill be there site d18 d19, lots of new items never been seen before.

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im glad that young people read my bloggs

but again it was not meant for you.


This painting depicts a story about the Wiradjuri people. This is what was done in a days work for the Wiradjuri people it show the hunters out hunting kangaroo, and the women are collecting the yams and bush seeds for johny cakes. The women and children also collect the small animals such as lizards, geckos and birds eggs. As we sit by our camp fires at night we would call ancient spirits to join in We tell stories, We play the didgeridoo, We sing and dance and celebrate our daily health and life. From the droning of the didgeridoo, The spirits of Our Ancestors are joining in singing and dancing flying around, swirling with the red hot flames of the fire... Our Ancestors Spirits are always with US. The Spirits represent all our ancestors that have lived on this great country. The two stars represent the owners of the painting it is there spirits that are watching over this great land which they love and respect. The Rainbow snake is the creator of all land and sea masses we see today, he is laying next to the three rivers of the Wiradjuri which is The Wambool (Macquarie), Kalar (Lachlan) and Murrumbidgerie (Murrumbidgee). The brown yellow and red dots represent the color of the natural vegetation that is grown in the area. The three circles joined by squiggly lines represent my signature and the three rivers of the "Wiradjuri Nation", The Wambool (Macquarie), Kalar (Lachlan) and Murrumbidgerie (Murrumbidgee).

Thursday, March 8, 2007

Bar-B-Que Murial - 2006

This work of art was completed by myself late last year, 2006. My friend kevin, from Corowa, commissioned me to do this painting for his BAR-B-QUE area, he and his wife loved it so much they put it inside and have added more to the sides updates comming. as well the story.

I’m back again

I’m back again with more of my fine art after completing commission works painted for private investors and government organizations.
I still have eleven more paintings to complete for one investor.
This one was Completed by myself two weeks ago for Kevin's Son.

This painting depicts the Aboriginal people of the Wiradjuri Nation celebrating the day’s successful hunt and well being, we give thanks to our creator and the mother Earth. Back in creation time Baiame created all and placed certain Spirits in every thing and place. He gave Laws to these spirits and each spirit certain powers to make the aboriginal people obey his laws. The water spirits were left in places where people and animals came to drink. They were given the power to bring on new life, Storms, Floods and even droughts depending on how the people obeyed Baiame laws. They were given certain animal totems to feed the people such as fish, turtle and every other creature that lives in water. He made it Law that he who drinks water takes the water Spirit that gives new life. The Water spirits create rain and new life. Without the water spirits all would die.. My Spirits are protectors. The blue dots represent the three rivers of the "Wiradjuri Nation", The Wambool (Macquarie), Kalar (Lachlan) and Murrumbidgerie (Murrumbidgee). The blue and grey dots down below represent the billabongs which are slowly drying up. The star represents your loved ones watching over, making sure you are ok, through out your life.
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Friday, March 2, 2007

Prints on web site.

The following prints are for sale on web site.
High grade photo paper glossy
8 x 10 inch
29.50This Print was printed in 2004 and is the last in that series.
High grade photo paper glossy
8 x 10 inch
29.50This Print was printed in 2004 and is the last in that series.
High grade photo paper glossy
5.1/4 x 7.3/4 inch
19.50This Print was printed in 2004 and is the last in that series.