Saturday, July 7, 2007


This painting depicts a cute little gecko The gecko is on Wiradjuri country (nguurrambang), heading towards a billabong (Bilabang) Where there is some water (Galiyn). The land is dry and hot during the day, at night it seeks food on ground litter and soil. The gecko’s hide in rock crevices or beneath rocks, logs, bark depicted by the yellow and red ochre dots. The three circles joined by the two squiggle lines represent my signature and the three rivers of the Wiradjuri nation, they are The Wambool (Macquarie),Kalar (Lachlan) and Murrumbidgerie (Murrumbidgee).
"Gecko" is a lovely painting of bright cheerful colours and a union of the traditional Aboriginal dot painting and more modern Aboriginal Art. Painted by David Dunn this is another in his native animal series which sings a kind of song of praise for our native animals who inhabit the land in Australia and add to our diversity and reputation as a country of the most unusual wildlife. A fine painting done by an excellent artist and a thoughtful and different gift for someone special.

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