Monday, May 7, 2007

restorative justice workshop

What is Restorative Justice?
Restorative justice involves the use of conferences. Conferencing is a victim-sensitive approach to addressing wrongdoing in various settings in a variety of ways.
Restorative justice can be used in the home, school or workplace, or in any situation in which there is tension and conflict in relationships in addition to its use in dealing with criminal acts.
A conference is a structured meeting between offenders, victims and both parties' family and friends in which they deal with the consequences of the crime and decide how best to repair the harm. Neither a counselling nor a mediation process, conferencing is a straightforward problem-solving method that demonstrates how citizens can resolve their own problems when provided with a constructive forum to do so.
Community Workshop re: Restorative Justice
Date Wed 23 May 2007
Time 11 am to 2 pm
Venue Albury Land Council
Chenery St Glenroy
Lunch provided
Dr. Isabelle Bartkowiak
Charles Sturt University
Subject Coordinator - PPP242 "Problem-Oriented Policing and Vulnerable People"
New South Wales Police College

RSVP Monday 21 May
Liz Heta 6023 8752 or e-mail

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