Monday, May 21, 2007

Licencing Terms UPDATE

Design LicencingOwnership of David's art (or any other artist) does NOT constitute the right to freely reproduce it and/or use it for purposes other than a visual display not directly charged for. David's designs are available to be licenced for placement on products without modification, or to be integrated into larger designs. Any design modification or integration has to be approved by David.
Licencing Fees:
Single design on single product line: $100
Multiple design use on multiple products:
Each design use: $100
Each product placement: $100For example if you wish to use 5 designs on a single product line (for example postcards) the licencing fee is $500 calculated as follows:
$100 for the first design/postcard as product
$100 x 4 remaining designs
Royalty fees (used for massproduced items):Royalty fees are payable on items of commercial nature, which are sold for profit. If you wish to produce non-commercial material (not sold for profit, or not for purpose of selling other products) we will gladly assist with providing designs with no royalties payable, under the condition that appropriate credit will be given to David's work within the same material. Examples of eligible include information material produced for information on Aboriginal culture, animal welfare, local government, etc. However, you need to speak with us if your materials are produced to advertise services or products for profit.
1000 products (or fewer) in single batch*: $0.20 per product/copy
10,000 products: $0.10 per product/copy
100,000 products: $0.05 per product/copy*no repetition is permitted, new fee is payable for upgrade to larger batch If you wish to licence a design you already own, please contact us for written permission. You still need to cover the cost of digitising the item, and send us a copy of it in an agreed format, or a copy of a product prototype for approval.I you wish to commission a new design for your product we will quote a price for commissioning the artwork and then on completion of the artwork send you a written permission to reproduce the design in agreed quantity. You continue to own the original, but use of reproductions beyond the agreed quantity requires new licence payment. If you wish to commission us to produce an item for your exclusive unlimited use you need to specify this at the time of commissioning and we quote you accordingly.

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