Wednesday, May 2, 2007


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Acrylic on Canvas, unframed

21cm, 210mm, 8in x 255mm, 25.5cm, 10in

MEANING; This painting depicts the Spirits of the Water, they are the spirits that make the water sparkle and clean as they look after the water. Back in creation time Baiame created all and placed certain Spirits in every thing and place. He gave Laws to these spirits and each spirit certain powers to make the aboriginal people obey his laws. The water spirits were left in places where people and animals came to drink. They were given the power to bring on new life, Storms, Floods and even droughts depending on how the people obeyed Baiame laws. They were given certain animal totems to feed the people such as fish, turtle and every other creature that lives in water. He made it Law that he who drinks water takes the water Spirit that gives new life. The Water spirits create rain and new life. Without the water spirits all would die.. My Spirits are protectors. The three circles joined by squiggly lines represent the three rivers of the "Wiradjuri Nation", The Wambool (Macquarie), Kalar (Lachlan) and Murrumbidgerie (Murrumbidgee). ©

REVIEW OF MY PAINTING; Well known among the Aboriginal artists for his clarity of style and vivid use of colour. David is a talented artist whose works have toured Australia. Several art collectors overseas commissioning David to paint larger paintings for there own collections. These painting are filled with a true artist's' impression of the Australian outback. It is difficult to believe that this art can be created using a brush alone but it has and this is a testament to the skills of David Dunn. David's paintings usually combine traditional Aboriginal dot painting techniques and modern contemporary Aboriginal art. Each of his paintings has a meaning that goes beyond what is depicted, for instance in a painting the color of the dots signify a part of the natural landscape and also have a reference to the dreamtime. Interested collectors may wish to peruse the stories attached to other paintings that David has done in order to gain further insight here. In Adelaide, in South Australia, these paintings have been creating a sensation with many keen buyers asking for private viewings and snapping up the art.
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