Friday, August 17, 2007

Halfway there thank you God

Halfway there thank you God,
Yep half way through the business course.
Its acutally a fun course to do,
the people in the class are great mob of people,
i enjoy all there company
Hi Michelle, Hi Ellen, Hi Clarkie, Hi Deb,Hi Michelle,
Hi Karen, Hi Tanya, Hi Maree,Hi Rowan.
Hello Paul & David
Us guys are out rule by the females in the class, hey but who am I to complain,
they are a great bunch of ladies, they are helpful and supportive.
Rowans ok Clarkies Just funny, Paul our teacher explains things well and is a great educator.
To all the other businesses that came into our group and showed us ways to save money, &
to Enterprise House people thank you.

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