Sunday, August 12, 2007



Bullroarers are ancient aboriginal musical instruments, which make an eerie roaring sound. Bullroarers have accompanied the didgeridoos in initiation ceremonies and in burials to ward off women and children or evil spirits. Aborigines also used it for communication hence the name wife-caller. It consists of a weighted aerofoil (a rectangular slat of wood about 15 cm/6 in to 60 cm/24 in long and about 1.25 cm/0.5 in to 5 cm/2 in wide) whirled rapidly about the head on a long cord to make that deep whirring, roaring noise. The aboriginal art on our bull-roarers represents the local fauna.

This painting is 100% authentic by a very talented aboriginal artist. David’s art is very in style around the planet with contempary and traditional style paintings. David's art speaks for itself will make a great investment in the future. Signed ' David Dunn 07 '©
and all paintings come with a certificate of Authenticity.

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