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Hepatitis C Living the Rest of Your Life DVD 25 mins 2643 $249.00
Real people make this video compelling. In Hepatitis C: Living the Rest of Your Life candid testimonials by people who have tested HCV-positive will inspire, inform, and empower your clients.
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Lost Childhood: Growing Up In An Alcoholic Family DVD 30 mins JM1001 $29.95 Highly Recommended
This is a half-hour program told in three parts. The first part begins in 1986 at a summer camp retreat for young children of alcoholics. The children speak about their experiences with an honesty and wisdom beyond their years. Many of these children know they are at high risk of becoming alcoholics themselves. Part 2 takes place 17 years later as we follow up with two of the children from 1986 who are now adults. Through their experiences, we explore the long-term impacts of living with alcoholism in the family. The third part takes us back to the summer camp retreat where our story first began. We visit the newest generation of children of alcoholics. We talk to the same counsellor who helped our 1986 children and learn that while the core issues remain the same for today’s children, the vast majority of children of alcoholics are still not getting any help. Many face additional burdens of broken homes, poverty and hard core drug use.

Paper Slippers DVD 50 mins ROZ3004 $29.95
This dramatic presentation documents the compelling stories of six people on their first day of treatment. In a group process, each is given time to explain why they are there, and each has a distorted view as how their life actually is. In flashback, the viewer is shown what actually happened to them prior to admission to the hospital. Through group discussion and short vignettes, we see the chaos, destruction and deep seated denial of their addictions. "Paper Slippers" offers a powerful message of hope and recovery. It helps you reach out to those still suffering, those in treatment, or those who struggle with the decision to ask for help. Features James Earl Jones as "Addiction" Highly Recommended

The Minnesota Model, Project Match and Applications for Youth DVD 48 mins ROZ3003 $29.95
This is a presentation by two of Hazelden’s Senior Researchers. It was presented at The Australian Conference of Addictive Disorders at the Warburton Hospital in 1999. The lecture gives a broad overview of the Minnesota Model pioneered by Hazelden since 1950, a model which has been adopted in many forms and variations throughout the world. Pat Owen then describes the findings of Project Match, the largest independent study ever undertaken to look at the effectiveness of different modalities of treatment. Kathy Seward then ties the lecture together by explaining how these models and findings can be incorporated into youth programs.

The Last Card DVD 51 mins ROZ3004 $95.00 Highly Recommended
stars Australia’s Max Gilles as Charlie, an alcoholic salesman and the film follows the him over 3 days, until he ends up in a rehab after smashing his car. The film also stars Arkie Whitely as his daughter and the film accurately depicts the effects of Charlie’s drinking on his family, his work and his own self worth. This movie is 25 years old but it is probably the best ever depiction of alcoholism ever made in Australia. It is completely devastating in Gilles’ portayal of an alcoholic and this movie was specially commissioned by RecoverOz from the vaults of the ABC. This is an important film that should be used by all counsellors and is suitable for rehabs, community health centers or any setting where effects of addiction on families and workplaces is discussed. It is as relevant today as it was when it was made and the film stands up very well to the time it was made.

My Fathers Son DVD 33 mins ROZ3010 $39.95
This award-winning video presents a vivid and powerful portrayal of the effects of drug addiction and alcoholism on the family as seen through the eyes of a 16 year old boy. The film is constructed to show all the common behaviours of alcoholic families. This video delivers an important message to families of alcoholics and provides them with an understanding of the condition and an awareness of their
enviromental and biological risk of addiction

Meth: Our Nation's Crisis DVD 3 DVDs 2395 $249.00
Meth addiction is so pervasive that it has affected every one of us in some way: treatment specialists, educators, corrections officers, individuals, and families, to name a few. The good news is this: there's a willingness among all community segments to work together to combat methamphetamine. Meth: Our Nation's Crisis can help. This DVD and CD includes three video documentaries for community viewing about meth prevention, addiction, and recovery: Walking on Thin Ice, Meth: Shadow Across America and Life After Meth. Reproducible pamphlets and resources (PDF files on CD), including: Meth primer for general audiences, Community leader's guide, School guide, Parents guide, Employers guide, Health care professionals guide, Campaign guide for enacting meth-related public policies, Directory of additional sources about meth Package includes DVD with 3 films and Resource CD Rom

Methamphetamine: Neurochemistry And Recovery DVD CNS312 31 Mins $249.00
This powerful video examines the ways methamphetamine changes the brain both chemically and structurally and how these changes interfere with the recovery process. Easy to understand animations show what happens to a users brain when the drug is introduced, and actual brain scans illustrate what happens as the users comes off the drug. Compelling interviews with a cross section of people in recovery along with comments from treatment professionals present a realistic picture of the challenges inherent in recovery, stress the need for patience, and present a profound sense of hope. This DVD replaces Methamphetamine: The Rush to Crash

Methamphetamine New Knowledge, New Treatments Curriculum with DVD 2625 80 mins $285.00
Richard Rawson of UCLA has conducted research and developed treatment systems for substance abuse for over 20 years. He examines in detail the latest research on meth use and brain imaging. He also discusses promising treatment strategies, resources for treatment providers, and the prospects of effective medications. You'll learn why an addict's cravings for meth are stronger than cravings for basic survival needs like food ; the reasons behind the "meth is untreatable" perception ; why contingency management such as positive
reinforcement for positive behaviour, can help sustain abstinence ; which treatment protocols work and which don't. This Item includes a video workshop on DVD, a clinician's manual written by Rawson, and a test that allows you to earn continuing education contact hours.
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