Sunday, April 29, 2007

Authentic Aboriginal Art Workshop

Suitable for a school, as a presentation at a festival, conference, or a similar event. Package includes: 3 hour workshop (usually either morning or afternoon session) with introduction, instructions and hans-on assistance given to up to 20 participants (larger groups should be split into multiple sessions). Teambuilding sessions can be arranged to suit your needs. Materials for the demonstration are included, participants need to supply their own materials (instructions will be given in advance). Organisers to cover cost of travel if applicable.David Dunn is a recognised Aboriginal artist with experience of over 20 years of exhibiting in Australia and abroad. David's workshops have been very popular recently with schools and at events such as the Man from Snowy River festival in Corryong.

1986 Bomalia art gallery Sydney 1st exhibition
1998 to 2004 Allenwoods Art Gallery (NSW)
2000 to 2002 The Shoalhaven Art Gallery (NSW)
2002 Huskison Art Gallery (NSW)
2002 Display Art in Gallery Wandandion South Coast
2002 Display Art in Gallery The Great warrior in Berry South Coast of NSW
Dubbo Civic Centre
Goulburn Westpac Bank
Sydney exhibition in Sydney Parliament House. Organized by the member for Wollongong, Colin Markum.
Nowra (various venues)
Nowra TAFE
Wollongong city Gallery (two exhibitions)
WestPac Bank Nowra
Goulburn Oolong house exhibitions
The Rainbow Serpent Rose Bay
Painting at Dingo Discovery Centre, Toolern Vale Victoria 3337
Also two Pallingang tours with WollongongDaivd's work is in demand by art collectors around the world: Canada, UK, USA, Japan, Germany, Holland, Denmark, Hong Kong, Philippines, Singapore, Greece, Ireland, Austria, Belgium, Malaysia, New Zealand, Sweden, France, China, India, Italy, France, China, Japan, Switzerland, etc. ...More information about our other items - click here; see our website for terms and conditions - click here.

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