Tuesday, March 26, 2013

David is one of two brothers and one sister. David’s Aboriginal name is Gaagang, (which means elder brother). David was born in Trangie, NSW.He attended School at Trangie. David uses the traditional symbols my father and uncles used but he uses his own style. David has been painting all his life and started to sell his artworks in 1986. David remembers drawing and coloring in with his mother and father when he was about five years old. The tradition was handed down to David then. David gets a lot of enjoyment out painting, although the fun part is when he sees other people’s expressions while they are viewing one of his works. David paints from the heart not from a picturas he was told by an Elder from the Warburton community to paint what you feel not what you see.
David’s work has been exhibited in 1986 Bomalia art gallery Sydney 1st exhibition 1998 to 2004 Allenwoods Art Gallery (NSW) 2000 to 2002 The Shoalhaven Art Gallery (NSW) 2002 Huskison Art Gallery (NSW) 2002 Display Art in Gallery Wandandion South Coast 2002 Display Art in Gallery The Great warrior in Berry South Coast of NSWDubbo Civic Centre Goulburn Westpac Bank Sydney exhibition in Sydney Parliament House. Organized by the member for Wollongong, Colin Markum. Nowra (various venues) Nowra TAFE Wollongong city Gallery (two exhibitions) WestPac Bank Nowra Goulburn Oolong house exhibitions The Rainbow Serpent Rose Bay Painting at Dingo Discovery Centre, Toolern Vale Victoria 3337 Also two Pallingang tours with Wollongong city Gallery
Daivd’s work is in demand by art collectors around the world: Canada, UK, USA, Japan, Germany, Holland, Denmark, Hong Kong, Paris, Philippines, Singapore, Greece, Ireland, Austria, Belgium
  • Age: 48

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