Tuesday, July 29, 2008

im back

this is me out at burrumbuttock,

Unusual Animals
This painting depicts the NGUURRAMBANG (Wiradjuri Country). The animals represent peoples totems, they are of people we have not heard of, but they are here with us, as like these animals these people have a purpose in life. These people and animals are the quite achievers. The dots represent the color of the natural vegetation that grows in this beautiful country. Widespread settlement has eroded the landscape known by our brothers and sisters, but the spirit of the Wiradjuri people lives on in descendants of those who first inhabited this country. I acknowledge and honor the spiritually and traditions of my people (Wiradjuri) - the first who occupied this land.

The three circles joined by squiggly lines represent my signature and the three rivers of the "Wiradjuri Nation", The Wambool (Macquarie),Kalar (Lachlan) and Murrumbidgerie (Murrumbidgee) The Wiradjuri tribe is also known by the name of "the River people" as we all lived along the banks of the Rivers which stretches across NSW. The Wiradjuri lands stretch from Nyngan to Albury and from Hay to Bathurst - the largest territory in New South Wales. Our country extends across 60,00 square kilometers across areas known as the South West slopes, Central and Southern table lands, Capital Country and the Riverina.

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